Why should I continue treatment?

Persisting with treatments can be hard. You might wonder if you’re the only person your age having to go through this, but it’s really important to never give up.

if you have tried treatments before and they haven’t helped, you can’t always rule them out. Your brain, bladder and bowel all change as you grow so sometimes treatments can become more effective over time.

if it takes a long time, treatment can help make things so much better. It can help improve your bladder and bowel control and help you be more confident when going out and doing the things you want to. It can even help lessen the chances of it happening altogether.


Breaking down the barriers

The benefits of staying on top of your treatment can be life changing. But, like most things in life, there are always pros and cons. Sticking to your treatment involves commitment, hard work and can sometimes make you feel like you’re missing out on things. It’s always your choice whether you want to stick with your treatment plan or not, but there are almost always benefits to sticking with it. Even if it takes a while to reach your treatment goals. Check out some more tips from us on staying motivated.


Stay motivated

Setting achievable goals in your treatment and management plan is important for keeping you on track to good health. Breaking your goals down into mini goals can be helpful. Lots of small wins still add up to a big win in the end.

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