Mental health support

What’s mental health?

The term ‘mental health’ is sometimes associated with certain conditions such as anxiety or depression, but it really just refers to how you feel in your everyday life.

Good mental health can mean:

  • being able to work and study to your full potential
  • coping with the stress of everyday life
  • being involved in your community
  • feeling like you can live life in a free and satisfying way.


How’s my mental health?

If incontinence making you feel down or anxious, or stressing you out a lot of the time, it’s best to talk to someone about it. Bringing it up with your doctor, parents or a trusted adult, a teacher or school counsellor can be good places to start.


Where to go for help

There are lots of ways you can get support for mental health. The best place to start is to talk to someone you trust, like your parents/guardians, a doctor or other health professional.

You can also check out these great websites:


Remember: you’re not alone. There is always someone who can help.

Practise talking about it

If you decide to talk to your friends about your bladder or bowel concerns, practise what you are going to say beforehand. Try to think of the types of questions they might ask you and how you might respond.

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