Continence products

There are various products use can use to help you with managing incontinence, like:

  • continence pads
  • continence pants
  • mattress protectors
  • products for skin care
  • products for odour control

Pads can be disposable (single use only) or reusable (can be washed and used again). You should be able to buy disposable pads at most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Check out more info from us on continence products or or call the National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66.

Plan ahead

Whenever you leave the house, pack a bag with your essentials such as incontinence pads, undergarments or anything else you feel you might need. This can help relieve any stress or anxiety you may have about going out so you can relax and enjoy your day more.

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